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OUR STORY In 1975 I joined my father in his quest to build a successful jewelry business. Being good with my hands, I naturally gravitated toward the jewelry-making part of the business. The skills I learned over the next several years helped me for the rest of my life. But the greatest skill is being able to create that special gift that means so much, that it will be handed down for generations. One of those gifts I created for a a sweet little old lady who asked me to make a Huguenot Cross for her granddaughter. I had never seen one before then, but I have made many hundreds since. I have also learned that I am a Huguenot Descendant myself!.

An email from one of my customers says it all:

"Dear Chuck, Just wanted to let you know we have really enjoyed our petite crosses! I feel like the great story can continue through the family, now, and it can be passed through to future generations! Your artistic work is excellent. The detail is better than the one my mother purchased last century. Thanks for being a part of our family story! "

Over the years I have created the largest selection of Huguenot Cross Jewelry in the world! Additionally, I have made many custom crosses, some are one of a kind, others are tributes to heirloom crosses that may have been purchased long ago and far away.

In addition to Huguenot Crosses, I have made many jewelry creations, some of which you can see on my "Portfolio" page. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask. I frequently make one of a kind items upon request. CN

Chuck Norton
1395 E. Cobb Dr. #71412
Marietta, GA 30068

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